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July 20, 2010 / Daniel Mason

“Too White” to Live in America?

I wasn’t going to write a new blog post today, that is, until I came across a video last night of a group called the “Brown Berets”, a group modeled after the Black Panthers Party.  I often get criticized for sympathizing with sub-groups like the Tea Party and the neo-Conservative movement; although I can’t claim to be in full support of either’s initiatives.  In all honesty, the political stance I take is double sided- I consider my self a staunch conservative and extremely indifferent to politics.

While this is an understandably strange idealogical disposition, I think it makes perfect

Graph of 2008 Exit Poll Data Breakdown by different Demographics of the American Public

Exit Poll Break-down (2008 Presidential Election)

sense with respect to voters in America today.  Let me preface this by saying that I love America (I have an enormous American flag outside my house and on my bedroom wall); however, when it comes to politics, we’re a misdirected, and often ignorant, people.  I tried desperately to find an NBC poll conducted shortly after the 2008 presidential election that broke voters down into two categories, 1) Those who voted on issues 2) Those who voted on personality/ looks.  To my utter dismay, #2 won out by something like a 60-40 margin.  I just don’t see how anyone with a semblance of conviction or patriotism could like the looks of a guy better and thus presume he’s fit for the most powerful position in the world.

Jersey Shore Cast

Cast of the Jersey Shore

Unfortunate picture of the demographic group that represents the Tea Party Movement and their overt Racism

Tea Party Racism

This gets back to my original issue, politics have become intricately entwined with racial motives and age-based trends to the point that Diddy and his “Vote or Die” campaign during the 2004 Election gained more notoriety than almost any initiative by either candidate.  As much as MTV is good for showing the sociological interactions of the esteemed citizens of New Jersey, I’d prefer it not have a lot of influence over my country.  When voters abandon the idea of politics as a means for objectively improving America or even for furthering the cause of their party in favor of race and age-centric coalitions, we get things like the aforementioned video of the “Brown Berets” yelling repeatedly “You are White, you don’t belong in America.” In the midst of things like this and the recent tendered resignation of a NAACP Rural Development State Director for Georgia shortly after the leak video-taped racist comments, it makes me doubt the entire political system.  I’m certainly not letting the “Tea Party” off the hook, because their racism has been well-documented; however, accusations against them resound across the entirety of mainstream media whereas the overzealous racism of the aforementioned Latino organization garnered a mere 3,095 views on YouTube, putting it about 2.5 million behind Justin Beiber’s latest single.

Diddy Posing for the Vote or Die Campaign MTV United States Presidential Election

Diddy- Vote or Die

Perhaps Justin Beiber could be President?  I don’t  know, we could do some polls but I’m not sure if he fits the demographics.  Young is certainly good, but his race is going to be a problem.  Well, either way I’m going to continue to vote- the only one dying is our duty to our Country.


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  1. Daniel Mason / Jul 20 2010 3:14 pm

    Interesting video countering accusations of racism at Tea Party Events.

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